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Elevators and Escalators are among the most visible and highly utilized assets in buildings today. Their performance is part of the image of the facility and heavily influences the quality of the building as perceived by its tenants and visitor. The Raagami’s vertical transport solution provides the experience and expertise to meet your specific elevator, escalator and moving walkway needs.

We have built a diverse resume of exciting vertical transportation projects and have successfully guided developers, property managers, and architects in achieving vertical transportation excellence. Our qualified consultants provide clear analysis, cost effective recommendations and attention to detail ranging from building code compliance to aesthetic considerations.

Vertical Transportation Requirement Analysis

Raagami Elevator Consulting will analyze your criteria and assist with determining the number, type, size and speed of the elevators required to suit a specific application. Raagami offers to provide budget pricing and completion schedules; detailed specification and tender documents; analyze various manufacturers’ products and provide complete project management service. Our consultants are continually up to date on new technology, local code, and design trends.

Proposal Review and Bid Analysis

Raagami Elevator Consulting will review any proposal sent to you by your elevator service provider and offer an independent interpretation with cost evaluation. Our traffic studies clearly establish equipment types, capacities, and speeds optimizing passenger average waiting times and passenger traffic flow while taking into consideration unique building conditions, population densities, and building floor height criteria.

Unlike the contracts offered by elevator companies, our documents are developed with the best interests of our clients as our priority along with specific instructions to contractors on the scope of work to be provided.

Project Management

Our detailed project designs are developed with developers, architects, and building owners in mind and help ensure your project will be completed within budget and on schedule. We provide complete project management during every new construction or modernization. Not only do we attend meetings with client and contractor, but we also review all drawings, perform regular site progress inspections, provide constant updates to client, handle any change requests, perform final inspections, handle correction of any noted deficiencies as well as provide closeout documentation.

Below are the services offered
  • Determine vertical transportation requirements based on conceptual design and expected tenant demographics.
  • Conduct feasibility study and traffic flow analysis.
  • Review with architect and/or building owner.
  • Prepare detailed specification including maintenance contract.
  • Provide a work outline for any work required by other trades (fire safety, electrical, mechanical)
  • Assist with bid review and contractor selection.
  • Provide job site project management and status reports to architect and/or building owner.
  • Develop cost and schedule estimates.
  • Prepare detailed RFP package including bid forms, contract conditions, design specification and new maintenance contract.
  • Host pre-bid meeting and job site inspection for potential bidders.
  • Review bids and assist client with contract negotiations.
  • Provide job site project management and status reports to building owner.
  • And More..