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Raagami Planning and Consultancy Services focuses on developing solid and loyal client relationships offering design solutions based on the client’s taste, budget, use, and goals for the space. The additional selection, accessibility of product, design services, and value-based pricing will differentiate it from the other options in the area.

  • Interior Design: We can build or enhance the interior environment of your house, room, building, restaurant, hospital, bars, hotels, and office.
  • Interior Architecture: We can help you in creating a layout of the design before implementing it.
  • Interior Decoration. We can assist you in designing the interior decoration of the area.
  • Design Development: We can create high-quality designs that you can use in designing your interiors.
  • Design Research: We can create research and use-cases based on the client's preferred design.
  • Graphical Visualization: We provide 3d or 2d graphical representation of the design that is planning to be implemented.
  • Comparative Analysis: We can create a comparative analysis of different designs that you selected and let the client design their preferred design.
  • Design Strategy: We can create different types of design strategies the client can choose from.
  • Budget Development: We can provide a budget summary in a spreadsheet based on the design the client is planning to implement.
  • Contract Development: We can create an interior design contract from scratch based on the clients and the company or freelancer.